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Candida Overgrowth: The Hidden Root Cause of Your Stubborn Eczema

candida candida diet eczema gut microbiome skin microbiome Apr 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered why your eczema just won't seem to budge, despite your best efforts? If so, you're not alone! Eczema affects millions of people worldwide, and for many, finding relief can feel like an uphill battle.

But what if there's a hidden culprit lurking beneath the surface?

Candida overgrowth has common symptoms such as eczema, sugar cravings, digestive problems, and brain fog. I have always noticed that when eczema is related to candida overgrowth it shows up on sensitive areas like your eyes and mouth, in the folds of your skin like inside of the elbows and knees.

Let’s dive into the connection between candida overgrowth and stubborn eczema, uncovering insights that could transform your approach to skincare and overall wellness.


Understanding Candida Overgrowth:

Candida is a type of yeast that naturally inhabits the human body and can spiral out of control under certain circumstances. Factors such as antibiotic use, a diet high in sugar and processed foods, weakened immune function and hormonal changes can all contribute to candida overgrowth. When this occurs, the delicate balance of microorganisms in our bodies is disrupted, making way for a host of health issues, including eczema.

Candida thrives on sugar, as it provides the fungus with the necessary fuel to grow and multiply, hence why you experience the intense sugar cravings. These cravings are often difficult to resist and can perpetuate a cycle of feeding the yeast, increasing the overgrowth and symptoms. Consuming excess sugar can also contribute to inflammation and weaken the immune system, further compromising your body's ability to combat the candida.


The Candida-Eczema Connection:

How exactly does candida overgrowth relate to eczema?

The answer lies in inflammation, immune response, toxin release and nutrient depletion. Candida overgrowth can trigger systemic inflammation, which in turn can aggravate the inflammatory nature of eczema. The body's immune system may mount an overactive response to candida, further fueling skin inflammation and irritation. Additionally, the toxins produced by candida can directly irritate the skin, worsening eczema symptoms. Candida overgrowth can impair nutrient absorption in the gut, potentially leading to deficiencies that compromise skin health.


Managing Candida Overgrowth and Eczema:

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to address candida overgrowth and alleviate eczema symptoms. From dietary changes to stress management and supplements taken in a specific order, a multifaceted approach can help rebalance your body's microbiome and restore harmony to your skin.

Consulting with a healthcare professional alongside my Empowered E-course can provide invaluable guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Eczema may be a challenging condition to manage when you don’t know your root cause, but by unraveling the hidden link between candida overgrowth and stubborn eczema, you can take proactive steps toward reclaiming control over your health. By addressing the root cause of candida overgrowth and implementing targeted interventions, you can pave the way for clearer, healthier skin and improve your overall well-being.


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