Ultimate Eczema Food Guide

Have you been dying to know what foods feed candida and which make your liver worse? This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet that will help you look up any whole food and its relationship to eczema. The spreadsheet is "Live" which means that you always get the updates whenever they are made. When you purchase it the Google Sheets page will be shared with you!

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Samuel Thomas

"Coach Michelle is God sent

I am really appreciative of the fact that someone could take the time and effort to bring some hope and education and more so a natural way to cure eczema. I love this chart because it gives me an acute guide as to the does and don't of eating for my daughter's skin issues. Thanks again"


Erin Davis

"I purchased the Ultimate Eczema Food Guide after following Michelle for awhile. I ate pretty healthy, so didn’t think I needed to change much, but boy was I wrong. Peppers and tomatoes can make it worse? WHAT?! I’m excited to keep looking over the guide and plan meals around that.  Thanks Michelle for sharing your knowledge and giving us eczema people knowledge and a knowing that healing internally IS POSSIBLE and we don’t have to live on cortizone cream for life."

Angie A.

"I love this eczema food guide, helps me to finally understand the causes of what consuming to my skin and body in general! Absolutely living by it and eating consciously now."

Many different categories of food intolerance

These categories have been heavily researched and cross-referenced to help you heal from gut issues, overworked liver, or topical steroids withdrawal.

Organzied by food groups

Whether you need to know if you can eat hazelnuts or basil, it's all there. Browse through the different food groups to create your grocery list.


  • Quick "bad, okay, good, great" on a food's effect on the gut in general
  • How high or low a food is in salicylates
  • Whether a food feeds candida
  • Whether a food feeds Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO
  • COMING SOON: Histamines, glutamate, amines, hydrogen SIBO, methane SIBO
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