from glycine to vitamin e

These are some supplements that I use to heal my skin quickly. I also use supplements to “correct” mistakes such as ingesting things I should not have or didn’t know that I had like sugar or gluten. Please contact your health care provider before taking any of these. Click supplements above to view the page!



broken down into stages

I added food to each stage of eczema. These are foods that I eat regularly and love! I highly recommend these brands as they are high quality. If they seem too expensive, remember, fruits and vegetables are the key to healthy skin and are inexpensive. Do not feel that you need to buy these things to heal. Click food above to view the page!



get glowing skin

I never personally have had eczema on my face but I know for many people this is something they deal with daily. If you like wearing makeup and don’t know what to wear to not hurt your skin check out the page! Click makeup above to view the page!



what books does michelle love?

I keep reading up-to-date books published by leading doctors. If you want to further understand some of the things I teach you all, check out these awesome books! Click books above to view the page!



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