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Sick of stay up all night itching?


The photo on the left was my skin years ago when I had the worst flare up of my life. Does this sound like you? I had so many sleepless nights itching my skin to pieces uncontrollably. My days were full of confusion because seemingly every food I ate made me itch. I used to think to myself “I had spinach!? Why would my skin be getting worse?” This was such a good answer that I finally learned when I researched eczema. I dug so deep into research articles that I learned that there are plant chemicals that can aggravate the skin because my liver needed some help. WHO KNEW!? Join me and our community of healers make our food heal us!



This is a coaching program where I coach you in healing your skin naturally. I fully healed my eczema naturally by starting with healing my gut, then healing my immune system. This package allows you be supported by not only myself but a group of individuals going through the exact same issues as you. Check out my testimonials to see my beautiful client's go from itchy red skin on their arms, legs, and/or face to clear healthy skin and a healthier lifestyle. One of the Ebooks that my program includes will teach you about what eczema is and why you can heal it naturally. The second Ebook is an outline of the types of foods that should be eliminated from your diet and which to include.

This program is all about support! There is support groups you will be added to with individuals who have already gone through the program. You will be able to schedule up to three video chats during the program.

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  • Weekly pre-recorded video teachings

  • Weekly comprehension assignments (can email me if you don’t have facebook)

  • Receives The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol Diet Ebook

  • Receives Eczema Healing Lifestyle Transformation Ebook

  • Receives Healthy Skin Happy Living Ebook

  • Support from your small group

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This program exists on online via this website as a portal (shown above), support groups on Facebook, and communication through social media or texting! Each week you will have a small paragraph to read, videos to watch, and assignments to post in the facebook group. These videos are extremely detailed and go through every aspect of what eczema is and how to heal it.

*Healing is not linear so by the end of the program your skin may not be healed. I am here to give you the tools so that during and after the program you will know how to continue to heal it. 

*Want support? Join my Facebook group: Healthy Skin, Happy Living


“This program so far has been an absolute eye opener.
I had been so misguided my entire eczema journey (duration of 1 year and still present) and I definitely know God gifted me Michelle to help guide me in the right direction. Not too long ago I was in a place in my life where I was giving up... on my skin, my lifestyle, the way I would feel, my family and just my whole self in general. I turned to God one night and begged for guidance. I had no idea of the true understanding having to deal with eczema till I met Michelle. She welcomed me with open arms to this program that I would soon learn to fall in love with!!! I love this program as it is not just a 6 week course, however is a start my new lifestyle!!! To know I’m not alone in this game as well brings me a whole lot of ease.
During the program, we are added to multiple chats and facebook pages to ensure we are blessed with extra support. The lovely people from all over the world had so much information to my questions I needed answers to. We helped each other in this journey and I believe this was and still is a very important part in my journey with Michelle’s teachings. In the groupings we’re able to grieve our old lifestyle & foods together. We learn to substitute and improve recipes for all our cravings! Nothing is impossible. There is always a cleaner and safer recipe for any craving we may have. I’m almost about 4 weeks in with this program and I have never FELT this genuinely happy in so long! I have a long way to go with my skin, however I know I’m healing and I know I am strong enough to see this through till the end.

Thank you soooooo much for everything you do and provide. I can never be any more thankful and I’m forever in debt to you. You gave me my life back just as you are doing for others right now as we speak.
You are amazing.
Through you, God lives.”

- Danika (Australia)

“Michelle has changed my life! My eczema was at its worst stage with the oozing and swelling, cracked and bleeding skin all the time it was hard for me to do the simplest things until I met Michelle I gave it my all even went vegan and nothing helped. Michelle showed me all the right things to eat and helped me avoid all the wrong foods to eat my skin just kept healing each week I thought I lost hope in my skin getting healed until I met her and the amazing people on the chat. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that there is more people out there suffering from eczema as well. The chat helps you build confidence in yourself because you are not alone and other people are going through the same thing as you are. If it wasn’t for Michelle’s coaching idk where my skin would be now! It has improved so much and I will forever be thankful for her and the new family I gained over the chat! Best decision I have ever made for myself and my family I finally feel better in my own skin!!”

-Yesenia (USA)