Only Taking 5 Students for Spring Coaching!

Empowered Eczema Coaching 

A 12-week program created for people with moderate to severe eczema to heal naturally. Included with this program is:

  1. One on One coaching with Coach Michelle via Slack Messaging App
  2. Weekly group coaching calls with an accountability coach (Coach Madison)
    • To keep you on track
    • For you to ask questions
    • To make sure you start healing
  3. A diet/supplement protocol for your specific root cause(s)
  4. 20+ video lessons to teach you everything about eczema
  5. 6 online modules filled with eczema specific content (educational pdfs and videos)


Who is this for?

This program is ideally designed for adults of all genders. (I have accepted a few parents/children). Below are the types of eczema conditions I have the most experience coaching.

Going through TSW

I can help you through the TSW process providing support, diet & supplement recommendations, and stress management. Ideally I want you to be at least 5 months into your journey.

That's Me!

Healing from candida-induced eczema

I have a ton of experience working with candida. I personally have suffered with this and know every trick in the book for healing quickly!

That's Me!

Hand or foot eczema

This is one of the easiest eczema conditions to heal. It would be my pleasure to guide you along this healing journey. We can use topical and internal methods to heal your skin.

That's Me!

What will you learn?

  • How to heal your eczema by listening to your mind, body, and emotions.
  • How to keep track of flares to figure out your root cause
  • How to detox your body to become healthier than ever
  • How to recognize when your eczema is flaring from stress 



How is it different from the course?

How is the coaching program different from the course? The coaching program is a 12-week long coaching program that is facilitated. The course itself is used as learning material. The difference is that the course doesn't include any coaching with Coach Michelle as this coaching program does. The coaching program also includes weekly group coaching calls. You will go through the program with a group of people just like you! 



Important Dates: 

Spring 2022 Program
Taking Applications : March 21st - April 10th
Discovery calls with Michelle: March 21st - April 15th
Payments Due: April 16th

Program starts: April 17th, 2022


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D I E T 

5 different diet and supplement protocols for each root cause


V I D E O S 

6 Modules with 20+ Video lessons taught by Coach Michelle.  

S E L F  C A R E 

Dozens of tips on how to take better care of yourself to heal. 


Motivational videos to help get you through the program.

Check out the program overview:

Success Stories:

Hear it from the past students how Empowered Eczema has changed their lives!

"Michelle’s program made it so much easier on my body to be able to handle TSW. Sticking to the diet and supplements really helped me not cause any extra inflammation to my body and skin, which I think caused my cycle of flares to be shorter and heal faster. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with eczema or TSW!"

- Caroline

"Didn’t think it would heal this fast, also my hands are the last thing I would think would heal first because I go through so many gloves at my job. All I did was sleep well, meditate and paid attention to my mental health/stress etc. Empowered Eczema gave me clarity as to why I was flaring. But also gave me the knowledge on how to better manage the flares."

- Rochelle

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"My life is super different. I am now practicing mindfulness every day to release and reverse stress on my body (inflammation) and are now. Michelle has really taught me that being kind to yourself is key and the stages of eczema flaking, oozing, hyperpigmentation is okay as this is the healing phases. Michelle has done amazing research!"

- Aali

"I can confidently say I am healing! My quality of life improved dramatically. The flakes are going down, my skin is soft. I am itching way less, sleeping really well, and I do not feel as anxious as much. I can also feel my digestive issues getting better as well."

- Madison

Meet Steven!

Graduate of the Winter 2020 program.

The Woman Behind Empowered Eczema. 

Hey friends! It's Coach Michelle Mills here. Did you know I had severe eczema too? Yep. On and off my entire life. I was that itchy little kid at the birthday party. I was also the embarrassed preteen in middle school with eczema splotches that oozed down my legs during gym class. It subsided for high school and college as it does for most people. And back again with vengeance in 2017...

My Eczema in 2017.

In September of 2017 eczema started popping up in my elbow creases. It only took until December for my eczema to explode all over my arms. I was so frightened and in pain but I knew enough about natural healing that I didn't want to go to the dermatologist again. I had already used steroids in middle school, I wasn't going to again. 

I was determined to understand eczema biologically and learn how foods and supplements can heal it. And so I did. By March of 2018, my eczema was pretty much completely gone. I developed a diet called The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol...