The ONLY true solution to healing your eczema... 


…and it's not a medication.

Introducing Empowered Unleashed: 1 Month Intensive Coaching Program.


A highly focused one-on-one coaching program that helps you with the ONLY 2 things that matter when healing eczema:


1. Knowing WHY you are flaring

2. And HOW to heal the flare


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Why no diet you try seems to help?

And does it ever seem like there is something you are missing in the formula of healing your skin?

If this sounds familiar, I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is this: if it seems like you're missing something...It's true, YOU ARE!

But the good news is that there's nothing holding you back from using the same methods that have transformed people's LIVES so much so that they not only heal their eczema but their souls. 


All you need is the right process. Once you understand how to listen to your body, you will ALWAYS know WHY your eczema is there, and HOW to heal it. It's the same step-by-step process that I used to heal my severe eczema in 3 months!


But first, let's make sure you are the right fit for this instensive program...

Does this sound like you?

You’ve suffered from eczema for so long, it feels like nothing you have tried has worked

You feel awkward when people look at you because you think your red flaky skin is all they see

You mindlessly scratch all day, you scratch in your sleep and you are sick of feeling so miserable

Success Stories:

Hear it from the past students how Empowered Eczema has changed their lives!

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According to the National Eczema Association (on medications for eczema):


‚ÄúEven when treatments are available, over 50% of adults with atopic dermatitis still face concerns about long-term use, and over 50% have found a treatment to be ineffective. 44% have discontinued prescribed medications for eczema.‚ÄĚ


For so many of us with eczema, the treatments being pushed on us aren’t helpful. In fact, they’re often harmful. They can lead to severe symptoms (topical steroid withdrawal).

That’s why I’m showing you a better way.

The Woman Behind Empowered Eczema. 

My name is Michelle Mills and I used to suffer with eczema on and off for most of my life.

I got so tired of the sleepless nights, severe itch, doctors not understanding me, and all the times I tried to resist scratching only to give in and do it anyway. 

In 2017 I found a natural way out of the misery and have been teaching others how to heal themselves since! Read my timeline below, most people can relate.


My eczema timeline:

  • As a baby: eczema on my scalp
  • Young childhood: Eczema all over my back, chest, arm creases, leg creases
  • Childhood: cracking, bleeding hands, some patches
  • Preteen: terrible eczema on my legs, the patches oozed, my legs stuck to my sheets and my jeans, bleeding, wrapped my legs in plastic wrap with steroid cream
  • Teenager/College: mild eczema, patches here and there
  • Adult (22 years old): my eczema flared on my arms like crazy, spread like wildfire, sleepless nights, intense itch
  • Adult (22+):¬† I recovered from severe eczema through¬†diet, supplements, and mindset practices (that I will teach you)


Empowered Unleashed:

Coaching Program


In this program, you’ll…

Here’s what you get:


The Empowered Eczema Suite (Valued at $938): 

  • Printable Eczema Tracker
  • Ultimate Eczema Food Guide
  • The Candida E-Course
  • The Empowered Eczema 12 Week E-Course


Diet/Supp Protocols for your root cause (Valued at $550): This is an essential part of the program. It’s an elimination diet in which you slowly introduce new foods over time as your body heals (including recipes and meal ideas).


Coaching Calls, Twice Weekly, 30 Minutes (Valued at $1200): The first call of the week will be specific to eczema coaching. The second call will be life/mindset coaching 


M-F messenger support with Coach Michelle via Slack (Valued at $400): Between calls you can get your questions answered.


The Ideal Client

This program is ideally designed for adults of all genders. (I have accepted a few parents/children). Below are the types of eczema conditions I have the most experience coaching.

Going through TSW

I can help you through the TSW process providing support, diet & supplement recommendations, and stress management. Ideally I want you to be at least 5 months into your journey.

That's Me!

Healing from candida-induced eczema

I have a ton of experience working with candida. I personally have suffered with this and know every trick in the book for healing quickly!

That's Me!

Hand or foot eczema

This is one of the easiest eczema conditions to heal. It would be my pleasure to guide you along this healing journey. We can use topical and internal methods to heal your skin.

That's Me!

What will you learn?

  • How to heal your eczema by listening to your mind, body, and emotions.
  • How to keep track of flares to figure out your root cause
  • How to detox your body to become healthier than ever
  • How to recognize when your eczema is flaring from stress¬†
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D I E T 

Specific diet and supplement protocols for your root cause(s)


V I D E O S 

Lifetime access to The Candida E-Course & Empowered Eczema E-Course with 30+ Video lessons taught by Coach Michelle.  

S E L F  C A R E 

Dozens of tips on how to take better care of yourself to heal. 


Getting unmatched support from Coach Michelle to not only heal your eczema but live your best life. 

More Success Stories:

Hear it from the past students how Empowered Eczema has changed their lives!

"My life is super different. I am now practicing mindfulness every day to release and reverse stress on my body (inflammation) and are now. Michelle has really taught me that being kind to yourself is key and the stages of eczema flaking, oozing, hyperpigmentation is okay as this is the healing phases. Michelle has done amazing research!"

- Aali

"I can confidently say I am healing! My quality of life improved dramatically. The flakes are going down, my skin is soft. I am itching way less, sleeping really well, and I do not feel as anxious as much. I can also feel my digestive issues getting better as well."

- Madison

How Has Empowered Eczema Impacted You?:

"It’s given me a toolkit of things I can try when I get a flare! I never knew stress could be such a trigger and it made me a believer in the close relationship between eczema and mental health."

- Zaya

I want you to heal.

I have made it my personal responsibility to make sure each person that goes through Empowered Eczema feels confident leaving the program. My goal is for you to learn how to listen to your mind, body, and emotions. 

I will never let someone graduate from the program feeling just as confused as they were before the program started. That is my commitment to you.