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Aren't you tired of not knowing what is making you flare & equally confused about how to heal?

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I created this for you to start feeling better quickly. Itching is the worst part of eczema. Trust me, I know. I used to itch all day and all night. 


Itch Less

Do you know the 4 main root causes of eczema? 

They are candida (gut imbalance), overworked liver, stress, and TSW  (topical steroid withdrawal). In the Empowered Eczema program, you learn how to determine your root cause. There are protocols for dealing with each of the root causes and what to do if you have multiple root causes.


"Michelle’s program made it so much easier on my body to be able to handle TSW. Sticking to the diet and supplements really helped me not cause any extra inflammation to my body and skin, which I think caused my cycle of flares to be shorter and heal faster. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with eczema or TSW!"

- Caroline

Stress & Candida

"EE has played a tremendous role on my healing journey. At the beginning of the program, I felt hopeless, frustrated, ugly, and most definitely itchy. But after I understood how to take control of my skin, health, and life. I now confidently say I’m healing & feel much happier! So grateful for Michelle."

- Madison


"I celebrated my birthday today and this was the first day that I could honestly say that I’m grateful for what has happened with my health. I’m still healing and I’m still following all your tips etc. So I wanted to say thank you again, thank you for teaching me how to relax more and do more self care. I truly know now what I have to do. I enjoyed a whole week full of healthy delicious food, sun, sea and I felt totally comfortable in my own skin. I’m so happy that I’m on the right track."
- Sarah

Stress & Candida 

"Didn’t think it would heal this fast, also my hands are the last thing I would think would heal first because I go through so many gloves at my job. All I did was sleep well, meditate and paid attention to my mental health/stress etc. Empowered Eczema gave me clarity as to why I was flaring. But also gave me the knowledge on how to better manage the flares."
- Rochelle

Safa Zubair

"I love how stupendous Michelle is when it comes to helping me heal my eczema!"

Grace Gibson 

"Going through this program completely transformed my relationship with my skin and with myself by teaching me ways of listening to my body “

Steven Jackson

“Healing isnt linear so Trust the process. Unlearn then relearn everything you thought you knew about eczema.”

Kristin Marie

"Michelle is so kindhearted and such a wealth of knowledge! You can tell she truly cares about everyone in the eczema community and wants them to heal.“

Become empowered from your journey. 


My goal is to change the way people see eczema.  I know it's painful but this journey to health can teach us so much about ourselves. I want you all to learn how to listen to your mind, body, and emotions. 

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