E-Course: Empowered Eczema


"Will I Have Eczema Flare-Ups Forever?"


Absolutely Not. 

It's time you learned why you are flaring and exactly how to heal it. 

Do you have sleepless nights? 

You try going to bed at a decent hour but end up waking up at 2 am feeling itchy. You don't know what to do so you feel hopeless and end up scratching your skin. In fact, some mornings you wake up with flakes in your bed and skin under your nails. If you are lucky you didn't bleed or ooze during sleep.

Are you confused about if it's food, stress, or TSW making you flare?

You are feeling like you tried it all. Your confidence is nowhere like it used to be. You hate going out in public. You are a shell of the person that you used to be. You have tried every diet "under the sun" and your severe eczema keeps getting worse.

Are you mindlessly scratching?

You find yourself scratching your skin almost all day especially if you are nervous. You are scratching when talking to other people. You scratch in your sleep. The itch is unbearable and you are fed up.

Have you tried searching for solutions with no luck?

I bet you have been watching YouTube videos, Googling, and trying to get answers from doctors. You keep hearing the same things: get an allergy test, use steroids, and make sure to moisturize. But that doesn't work, does it?

I get it! I have been there. I remember going to the drug store and trying to buy every product labeled eczema in there for some relief. Most of those moisturizers made my skin worse.

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The Woman Behind Empowered Eczema. 

Hey friends! It's Coach Michelle Mills here. Did you know I had severe eczema too? Yep. On and off my entire life. I was that itchy little kid at the birthday party. I was also the embarrassed preteen in middle school with eczema splotches that oozed down my legs during gym class. It subsided for high school and college as it does for most people. And back again with vengeance in 2017...

My Eczema in 2017.

In September of 2017 eczema started popping up in my elbow creases. It only took until December for my eczema to explode all over my arms. I was so frightened and in pain but I knew enough about natural healing that I didn't want to go to the dermatologist again. I had already used steroids in middle school, I wasn't going to again. 

I was determined to understand eczema biologically and learn how foods and supplements can heal it. And so I did. By March of 2018, my eczema was pretty much completely gone. I developed a diet called The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol...

The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol. 

You will get to know all about this diet inside Empowered Eczema. It's an elimination diet broken up into 6 steps. You slowly introduce new foods over time as your body heals. I researched which foods would detox your liver, kill off candida, and balance the immune system. 

For the first few years of running Empowered Eczema, I used this diet as "one size fits all." But guess what, one size DOES NOT fit all. Now Empowered Eczema has 5 different diet/supplement protocols based on your root cause(s).

Where I am at now. 

I am "happy as a clam" eating everything in moderation. I can eat bread, pizza, ice cream, and donuts now. Not that I really want to unless it's made of clean ingredients. I love the way my body feels now. I named this program Empowered Eczema because eczema is a blessing believe it or not. 

It's a blessing because it shows you so quickly that your body needs to be cared for. Eating foods that heal your body, lowering stress, and taking care of yourself prevents major diseases later in life. 

Now Introducing...


The Empowered Eczema E-Course

 This is a self-paced online course that teaches you how to heal your own eczema by listening to your mind, body, and emotions. It's the tool you never knew you needed to get long-term results you won't get from steroids. You will learn how to recognize your root causes and treat them naturally to finally heal your skin.

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Imagine if...

  • You could heal naturally without using topical steroids

  • You no longer had to see countless doctors who didn’t know how to help you

  • Your skin stopped itching during the day and didn't keep you up at night


  • You LOVED your skin again 

  •  You understood exactly why you flared and how to avoid it in the future


  • You finally felt confident in your skin at home and in public.

"I can confidently say I am healing! My quality of life improved dramatically. The flakes are going down, my skin is soft. I am itching way less, sleeping really well, and I do not feel as anxious as much. I can also feel my digestive issues getting better as well."

- Madison

Education about eczema & how to heal it. 

6 Modules with 20+ Video lessons taught by Coach Michelle.  

Protocols that use food & supplements to heal your root cause

5 different diet and supplement protocols for each root cause


Stress management. Your stress could be making it worse! 

Dozens of tips on how to take better care of yourself to heal. 

Support to stick to your journey.

I know sticking to a routine is hard. You will get motivational videos to help get you through the program. 

Sounds Great!

What the graduates of Empowered Eczema Have to Say...

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