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UTI Busting Smoothie | Heal Your UTI Naturally

candida diet recipe uti Mar 19, 2024

Cure Your Painful UTI Naturally 

After enduring a week-long battle with a painful UTI, I managed to recover entirely through natural remedies. It's crucial to remember that, while infections should never be taken lightly and antibiotics can be lifesavers, I didn't resort to them this time. I'm eager to share the go-to recipe that I swear by, which helped me clear the infection every morning during that period.




Now, let's delve into the concoction that became my morning ritual. Not every ingredient was chosen for its health benefits—some were simply for the sake of taste.


Here are the ingredients I relied on, complete with the brands I used. Feel free to substitute them as you see fit.

  1. 3/4 Cup Wyman's Wild Blueberries
  2. 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds (as part of the contents in the mason jar) - optional 
  3. 1 Scoop PaleoPro Carnivore Complete Protein Powder (with Beef Organs & Tallow) - optional
  4. 1 Tbsp Herbadia Carob Powder optional
  5. 1.5 Scoops MicroIngredients Organic Freeze-Dried Camu Camu Powder - For Vitamin C
  6. 1 Tsp NOW Certified Organic D-Mannose Pure Powder - powerful for UTI natural healing
  7. 1 Scoop BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough (containing different forms of magnesium)
  8. 1 Scoop Transparent Labs Fermented L-Citrulline optional, I use for blood flow
  9. 1 Tsp Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 
  10. 1 Capful Amazing Herbs 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil
  11. As Directed Complete Naturals Urinary Tract Complete
  12. 3/4 Cup Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe
  13. 2 Tbsp MyMoss Sea Moss Gel
  14. 1 Tsp PRI Manuka Honey
  15. 1 Tbsp Fresh Ginger
  16. 3 Drops Herb Pharm Clove Extract
  17. 1 Tbsp Simply Organic Turmeric
  18. 1/2 Tsp Alessi Black Peppercorns



I'm all about keeping my recipes straightforward and speedy. The only prep work you'll need to do is peeling most of the ginger's skin and chopping a piece off—no need to grate it. Then, toss everything into a blender. I personally use a Ninja food processor for this. My method involves adding liquids first, followed by powders, and I like to add blueberries last to prevent the powders from floating to the top.

Enjoy! If you make this recipe, post a photo on your Instagram story and tag me (@theeczemacoach)!

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