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Ultimate Eczema Food Guide

Get access to the Ultimate Eczema Food Guide to FINALLY take charge of your food intolerances and heal your body naturally! 

What you'll get:

  • Quick "bad, okay, good, great" on a food's effect on the gut in general
  • How high or low a food is in salicylates
  • Whether a food feeds candida
  • Whether a food feeds Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO
  • If a food is high/low in nitric oxide which impacts TSW

This is a one time payment that gives you permanent access!

What People Are Saying:

I purchased the Ultimate Eczema Food Guide after following Michelle for awhile. I ate pretty healthy, so didn’t think I needed to change much, but boy was I wrong. Figuring out that certain properties in foods can cause different reactions and flare ups while trying to heal eczema was an eye opener. Peppers and tomatoes can make it worse?? WHAT?! I’m excited to keep looking over the guide and plan meals around that. I started eating cabbage with my breakfast and got hubby in the train and we both really enjoy it. Thanks Michelle for sharing your knowledge and giving us eczema people knowledge and a knowing that healing internally IS POSSIBLE and we don’t have to live on cortizone cream for life.

Erin Davis