Winter 2022 - Coaching Program

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Hey! I am so glad you are here. As a reminder, Empowered Eczema is a 12-week long program created for people with moderate to severe eczema to heal naturally. You will be learning how to listen to your body to know what food YOU need to eat to heal. We also teach you how to manage stress induced eczema as well.


  1. Fill out the application below
  2. You will receive an email from Coach Michelle 
  3. We schedule a discovery call (video call to learn more & ask questions)
  4. Sign contract & pay to secure your spot

Apply to Empowered Eczema:

We will schedule a video call for you to tell us all about your eczema to see if this program is the right fit. This application is not a formal commitment on your part! 



Is the price worth it? 


I want to propose this question to you, without this program, how much is your eczema going to cost you?

According to WebMD, "People with atopic dermatitis said their out-of-pocket costs for it averaged about $600 a year, according to a study by the National Eczema Association (NEA). You might find that manageable. But it gets trickier for the 42% who spend $1,000 or more annually on the condition and the 8.5% who part with $5,000 and up."

With that being said without getting coaching to help you understand your root causes you are likely to suffer from the condition for years spending a considerable amount more.


This program is run & overseen by Coach Michelle who has become known as "The Eczema Expert." This title came from personal experience healing her eczema and years of personally coaching dozens of students. The coaching material is video lessons recorded by Coach Michelle. These lessons were created after years of trial and error figuring out how to get people to heal faster and avoid the healing crisis. More value comes from being coached weekly by a graduate of the program who has been trained by Coach Michelle. This coach knows first hand about the program and how to hold you accountable. 

You are in good hands. We are dedicated to giving you more value than this program is priced at. I hope you consider this program after reading this. Keep in mind that we are working to offer payment plans!