Empowering you to heal your eczema through stress management

Finally, you can take complete charge of your stress. If you have stress-induced eczema this course will help you finally heal your stubborn skin. It walks you through 6 lessons to teach you how to be aware of, release, and mange your stress. 


Introducing The Balanced Blueprint Mini-Course.

This is a 6 lesson course to take you from work-a-holic stress ball to a balanced happy lifestyle. The strategy behind this course is going to change your life!

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In this online course you will learn

  • About the difference between energy restoring and energy draining activities
  • Why self care is essential
  • How to implement and execute priorities 
  • How to rewire the brain
  • To maintain a healthy work-life balance

Alignment Audit

Discover which activities in your life are draining your energy and which are fueling you.

Discover the Root Cause

You will never heal your eczema if you never understand your stress. This course will teach you how to get to the core of your individual stress.

Enough is Enough. 

Are you going to keep letting your eczema flare because you don't understand how to get control of your stress?

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Key benefits from this course

The Balanced Blueprint was designed to get you feeling like your optimal self by uncovering the cause of your stress. 


Coach Michelle Mills learned that she had ADHD through this course! By analyzing the source of her stress she saw that they were symptoms of ADHD. She had trouble focusing during work meetings and found herself very frustrated with herself. She got very overwhelmed by small problems as work. Coach Michelle also saw that she was happiest while multi-taking. Without The Balanced Blueprint mini-course, she would have never understood herself on a deeper level to discover she had ADHD. With this information, she empowered herself by learning techniques to get through those stressors. 

Self Guided Course

As you can see in the screenshot above, The Balanced Blueprint is a self-guided course with video lessons. Each lesson will have a homework assignment that will further your understanding of how to manage and release stress!

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