Pure living

Beauty starts with health.


This is a healthy lifestyle transformation program. I (your coach, Michelle Mills) take a different approach to dieting and exercise. The goal here is to create habits that last a lifetime. I want to help you prevent chronic disease later in life like heart disease, cancer, or dementia. Not only that but this program has an added benefit of weight maintenance or weight loss that will occur naturally. Focus on health and your body will change.

This program is done in a small group of individuals that start the program at the same time. We will have a private facebook group. Each week I will being going live on that facebook group so we can discuss the current week’s topic. This will be very interactive and you will be able to have your questions answered. Please be sure to watch all of the videos for that week and create a list of questions.

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4 week long program where I coach you in creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle. You will have access to an online portal where you will find each week’s meal plan, list of groceries, and videos teaching you lessons. I transformed my health and healed my eczema naturally, what will this program do for you? This package allows you be supported by not only myself but a group of individuals with the same motivation to make a change as you have!

This program exists on this website as a portal! Each week you will have a small paragraph to read, videos to watch, and assignments to post in the facebook group. These videos are extremely detailed and go through every aspect of the health lesson of the week.


  • Week 1: Where to Start, Meet Yourself Where You Are
    This week will teach you how to start small and gradually fall into a healthy lifestyle.

  • Week 2:

  • Week 3:

  • Week 4:

  • Grocery List

  • Meal Plan

*Eczema healing is not linear so by the end of 6 weeks your eczema may not be healed. I am here to give you the tools so that during and after the program you will know how to continue to heal it. 

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