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4 week long program.

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Do these statements resonate with you?

I am afraid my weight might cause issues later in life.
I want to feel better mentally and physically.
I have tried many diets but nothing is working.
Weight loss is hard and I need support.

In the beginning of the program, I will teach you how and why weight loss can be important in avoiding disease later in life. I will give you eating guidelines without making you crazy through juicing or starving yourself. I like to teach you how to make food swaps so you can eat pretty much normal but in a way that promotes health. I coach you for a month and you can schedule 2 video chats and message me all the time. I will ask you to weigh yourself three times a week and record your food 3 times a week. From there we make adjustments so you can reach your goals. This is all about sustainable weight loss, my friends.