I offer unique programs that address a variety of health areas including skin health, general health, getting fit and eating better. I can't wait to work with you all!

Before we can begin the program we will have a FREE pre-session consultation. We will discuss your expectations for the program and what I can offer.




Heal your Eczema Naturally with My Help!


4 week long program where I coach you in healing your eczema naturally. I fully healed my eczema naturally by starting with healing my gut, then healing my immune system. This package allows me to work closely with you to identify key areas of improvement. Check out my testimonials to see my beautiful client's go from itchy red skin on their arms, legs, and/or face to clear healthy skin and a healthier lifestyle. One of the Ebooks that my program includes will teach you about what eczema is and why you can heal it naturally. The second Ebook is an outline of the types of foods that should be eliminated from your diet and which to include. You will be able to ask me any questions via messaging or email during the entire duration of the program in addition to the one-on-one phone call/video chat.


  • Short questionnaire (10-15 questions)

  • Client sends photos of their eczema via email

  • Identification of which stage of eczema you are in

  • 1 hour phone call or video chat interview to talk about healing strategy

  • Receives The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol Diet Ebook

  • Receives Healthy Skin Happy Living Ebook

  • Continuous communication via messaging/email

  • Follow up photos after 2 weeks

  • Follow up photos after 4 weeks

*Eczema healing is not linear so by the end of 4 weeks your eczema may not be healed. I am here to give you the tools so that during and after the program you will know how to continue to heal it. 

*Need more time? Need less time? During the consultation we can modify the program structure to fit your needs.

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

From Food Choices to Being Active


4 week program to teach you how to maintain your health. What will I learn?: Learn which food groups to eat everyday, which to eat in moderation, and which to avoid completely. I will also teach you how to understand a food package label so you can make more informed decisions. If you live a busy lifestyle where you may have to grab a bite to eat on the go, this session will teach you how to make the healthiest decisions. I will also teach you to see through false information about health and how to research the truth. I have extensive knowledge of nutrition and health sciences and you have access to this knowledge for 4 whole weeks! You will transform your life and feel like the best version of yourself.


  • Food Swap Mini-Ebook

  • 1 hour phone call or video chat interview to identify key areas of improvement

  • Follow up interview 2 weeks later

  • Nearly constant communication via text/email

  • Final interview (4th week)

*By the end of the 4 weeks you will have the tools to continue on this healthy lifestyle journey. I am here to give you the tools so that during and after the program you will know how to get “into health” and stay that way.