w1: Welcome


Welcome to week 1 of Pure Living. I am so excited you have decided to take the steps to become a healthier you. It is not an easy journey but what you learn in this program will last a lifetime. It requires you to be dedicated to put in effort but you are not alone! I am here to support you on your new path.

Let’s learn how to use this program! Read the instructions and lessons each week. Each week of the 4 week program you will submit photos. You will also fill out a physical and mental health assessment. You will also weigh yourself every 3 days.

Weight loss and health comes from creating a sustainable lifestyle. In order to make sustainable weight loss you must create your why. This means you should ask ask yourself: “what is the deeper meaning behind this weight loss.” This could be long term health, preventing breast cancer that runs in your family, or the way your body feels when you eat well.

Many of the foods available to eat at the grocery store contain ingredients that do much more than cause weight gain. These ingredients can lead to extreme health issues like cancer and heart disease. You will learn to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. This means that you should start that the produce to grab the bulk of your meals which should be vegetables and some fruits. Then head to the back and pick up wild caught fish, free range chicken, or grass-fed beef. Then head to the “dairy” section for some dairy free yogurt.


  1. Take photos and email to: coachmichellemills@gmail.com

    1. Facing forward in clothes where you can track your progress (sports bra and short)

    2. Photo of your back

    3. Left side, with arm up

    4. Right side, with arm up


When the week is finished fill out this form, friends.

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