w3: mentality


Keep your mental health in check. Weight loss can trigger eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. We want self love and a positive body image. Keep your head up and take care of your mental health.

Listen to the little voice in your head. Make choices based on self love. Create a destress routine. It is your hard days that you will want to eat something “bad.” This is the opposite of how you should take care of yourself. When you feel bad, take care of yourself. Tell yourself: “I feel sad, I will make a bath, eat some watermelon, and go to sleep early.” This is a constructive thought rather than destructive.


  1. Take photos and email to: coachmichellemills@gmail.com

    1. Facing forward in clothes where you can track your progress (sports bra and short)

    2. Photo of your back

    3. Left side, with arm up

    4. Right side, with arm up


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