w2: foodswaps


In week 2 we will focus on creating recipes, planning snacks, and how to eat out. Remember, we are creating sustainable change and creating a new lifestyle for you. Some of these things might be challenging but I am hoping as time goes on you will get the hang of it. Good luck!

Download this ebook. This week make sure to tell Michelle your favorite foods. She will teach you how to make food swaps so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. It is so important you feel fulfilled.

Going to work or planning vacation can throw your progress off track. I encourage you to plan and pack snacks so you stay full and prevent yourself from grabbing just any food. Remember, food is medicine or poison. You have to make sure what you are consuming is helping you, rather than hurting. Try packing rice cakes, Michelle approved protein bars, or even pack a cooked sweet potato.

You do not have to eat a salad for every meal. Eating out has a lot to do with your mental strength. For example, if I would eat out and have alfredo pasta the chemicals in this food would create an addiction for me. This would lead to overeating and binging. I would suggest you recreate this dish at home using non-addictive ingredients. (Please ask Michelle for details). When you do eat out I think it is great to order wild caught fish, broccoli/greens/sweet potato, and a grain like rice. This will keep you full, make you feel satisfied, and prevent binge eating.


  1. Take photos and email to: coachmichellemills@gmail.com

    1. Facing forward in clothes where you can track your progress (sports bra and short)

    2. Photo of your back

    3. Left side, with arm up

    4. Right side, with arm up


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