Eczema Questionnaire 

For us to have the most valuable client-coach relationship I ask that you fill out this questionnaire so I can accurately determine where you are in your eczema healing journey. This will also get you familiar with some terms in my resource ebooks. Thanks!


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Please explain where on the body it is located and how large the flareups are.
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Pain Scale
Please answer these statements the best you can.
I have a hard time sleeping.
I get irritable.
I experience eczema related pain daily.
My eczema feels mildly itchy
What stage of eczema are you in? *
Stage 1: Flare-ups larger than a quarter (large coin), bright red or pink in color, very itchy, very painful. Stage 2: Flesh-colored, pink, or lighter than your skin patches. Sometimes painful and often itchy. Stage 3: A few slightly itchy patches that are flakey looking

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