About Me

I survived and I will make sure you will too! We all have that one thing stopping us from becoming our best self. This can be our mental health, eczema, weight, or any other health issue. I want to help you become the person you have always wanted to be!

Aside from being a certified health coach....I am a YouTuber, Foodie, and Eczema Healer.  After spending my whole life getting eczema flare-ups, I was able to holistically heal myself from the inside-out. While eczema has no cure, I now have the knowledge to keep it at bay for the rest of my life! I took my story to YouTube and now make weekly videos about eczema healing and my healthy lifestyle. I have to admit...I love food. I am sure you do too. I became a health coach to be a support system for people who want to transform their lives. I encourage you to read this blog post if you want to know my full story.


Health Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
*Disclaimer: As a health coach I can support and guide my clients. I cannot prescribe supplements/medications nor create meal plans. For eczema I have created a guideline of the foods (with supporting research) that aid in healing eczema naturally. However, you should speak to a doctor of natural medicine or a nutritionist before implementing those changes.  

Course: Nutrition & Immune System by Howard Benedikt, DC, CCSP, DCBCN
Learn about how nutrition works with the immune system with up to date data based on research taught by highly qualified doctors in the field.
Topics covered:

  • Western β€œhygiene habits” are leading to a rise in autoimmune disorders

  • Cruciferous vegetables like cabbages create a powerful liver detoxifier esp. estrogen & toxins // can protect against cardiovascular disease, common cancers, and other chronic diseases.

Course: Nutrition BIO-155-81
Generalized beginners nutrition class taught in a college setting.
Topics covered:

  • Vitamins, minerals, and interactions in the body

  • Disorders and diseases caused by malnutrition

I took the Gut-Brain track to learn more about the gut brain connection.
Topics covered:

  • Creating a healthy microbiome

  • Gut health in relation to mental and physical health

  • The gut-brain axis (vagus nerve)


Through fully healing my own eczema and extensively researching this topic I have figured out the best foods for healing! For those of you that are vegan watching this video I would suggest plant based sources of omega-3 like flax oil! These are the 5 best foods and nutrients to getting you all to feel your best!


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