zinc oxide sunscreen

Battle Sunburn Naturally

Let’s work with nature. Let’s learn to heal with it rather than against it.
— Michelle

How I Got Burnt


I recently went to the beach with my boyfriend and had a wonderful weekend. However, I thought I was invincible. I am one of those people that rarely trusts brands and since learning how toxic sunscreen is I decided to go without it. Boy, was I mistaken. I ended up with pretty burnt shoulders, chest, and face.

Still being just as stubborn as not wearing sunscreen I decided to develop my own sunburn relief routine. I will have to say I have been quite successful. My roommate (after 1 day) told me “Wow! You look so much better than yesterday, you look tanned and glowing.”

The Routine

I have been rotating between a bunch of different products. I created an apple cider vinegar solution: 2 tbsp acv, 1 cup water, peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil. I apply this to bare skin. Then I switch between two other options. I created a bentonite clay mask by mixing the powder with water. I left this on my face nearly all day and by night I was tanned instead of burnt. I am not sure if you can tell how much more red my skin was underneath the clay mask (left photo) vs how it looked hours later but it sure felt better! On the rest of my body I used vitamin E oil mixed with chamomile essential oil. That night I switched. It is a long strange process but it seemed to really work.

Another thing you can do is use diet to heal the skin with antioxidants. Specifically astaxanthin found in salmon! I did eat salmon during for dinner the first day of healing so that might have helped too!


Creating Homemade Sunscreen

Sunscreens are some of the most toxic products on the market because most of them contain oxybenzone. This substance is no good for your health. The primary ingredient that blocks harmful UV rays is called zinc oxide. I decided that instead of trusting other companies to provide me a safe sunscreen I would try making some myself. I ordered some from Amazon and am starting to experiment. My current combination is zinc oxide, vitamin E, and chamomile essential oil. I don’t have the ratios right yet because it leaves a terrible white cast. I will need to research how much zinc oxide I need to provide protection from the rays.


Of course using a homemade sunscreen is a great idea when preventing sunburn but I have an additional idea! I purchased an antioxidant called polypodium leucotomos which research shows can prevent sunburn. You are supposed to take one 240mg supplement twice a day and by 60 days you should be able to fight off sun damage. I will let you know how this adventure goes!