home remedies for eczema on legs

How to Heal Eczema Fast

December 11th, 2017 I posted a video on YouTube called "How to Reduce your Eczema in 3 Hours" (Shown to the left). I made this video out of frustration with dealing with eczema and wanted to show people what I did to reduce the appearance of it. However, this was 4 days before I developed SEVERE eczema, read tons of books, did tons of research.

I find myself in June 2018 a little nervous about how many people are watching it. The majority of my tips are helpful like wearing cotton gloves to bed to prevent scratching or wearing softer material clothes like satin. I get nervous at the part where I was drinking green tea. I feel that way because down to the cellular level green tea (caffeine) is a compound that makes eczema worse. It is because it creates an imbalanced immune system. This is bad for you because your immune cells can't figure out what is an intruder, hence why you get eczema, your skin thinks it is harmful....which is crazy! Not only do you have to avoid eating harmful foods like gluten dairy and fried foods but once you learn what foods have compounds that affect your immune system it develops into a whole 'nother monster. 

That is the exact reason I want to work, as a health coach, with those with eczema because it is a hard thing to deal with alone. I hope so much that in making this blog post and creating an updated video that people with start to develop a tool-chest for fighting eczema.

So here is my updated new video: