Eczema Diet, Food Obsession, & Mental Health

You Are Strong
I wanted to write this blog because I think it’s so important to start replacing negative thoughts related to food with uplifting ones that promote healing. The eczema diet can be tricky because of its nature of being an elimination diet. When you have to continue the elimination diet for months it can start getting you into a headspace of overthinking. You may even develop a food phobia where you are afraid of foods causing you pain. I want to begin by telling you that this is very normal. The first step to changing these beliefs is to acknowledge them fully. I want you to write down all of the food fears you are tossing around your mind at this time.

”I am afraid that if I love eating too much I might get carried away and eat the wrong foods out of excitement”
”My fear is that I will never love vegetables”
”Every food I eat makes me afraid that my skin will react”

Next Step
From there our goal is to rewrite those fears into mantras you can repeat in your head to replace the fears. Let me show you how to do this with the first example. You can try to rethink that fear but thinking “I am excited about my skin healing so I am conscious of my eating habits.” If that still feels too restrictive for you then try “I love my body and mistakes are okay.” Now you try! Grab your journal and try this exercise.


The Mental Aspect of Healing
Stress is a massive contributor to leaky gut. Leaky gut means that you have intestinal permeability. That means that there are micro holes in your gut lining which let food particles and bacteria into your blood stream causing immune system issues. Leaky gut can be caused by gluten, dairy, refined sugar, bad bacteria, and STRESS.

Whether this stress comes from school, family, work, or food fears doesn’t matter. Stress is stress and we need to get your mind in a positive position.

Stress Reducing Methods
This might sound strange but I figured out a visual representation of how my mind feels when I am overwhelmed. Image a thin flame in the air but with a wall to the left and the right of it. For me the flame represents my inner love. (See image below). In the second image you see smoke around the flame. Imagine that the smoke is the stress and chaos in your mind. Breathe in and let all of your bad thoughts into the room. When you breathe out imagine all the smoke leaving the room (image 3). If you still feel the bad energy keep filling and releasing the room of smoke until your inner love can breathe.


Another way to reduce stress about food is to seek help. My friend recommended listening to a podcast called Dear Body by Jessi Jean where she teaches you how to battle food obsession and rewire your brain. One thing she mentions is being present with your food when you eat so that it becomes more satisfying. If you are anything like me than you may have eczema because of your sugar addiction and overeating habits. This method works really nicely for people who have similar issues. You will lose the feeling of lack and have less of an urge to overeat.

My last piece of advice is to eat with people you love. Chose someone who is won’t judge you for your limited diet but makes you feel great just for being there. Creating a support system is amazing.


Last Words
Healing is beautiful and food is powerful. Your health is number one. You will have to discover your balance between eating habits and stress levels. Be sure you are eating enough and most importantly give yourself love.

Good luck healing, my friends!