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Healthy Skin

6 week long program that teaches you how to heal your skin.

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6 week long program where I coach you in healing your eczema naturally. I fully healed my eczema naturally by starting with healing my gut, then healing my immune system. This package allows you be supported by not only myself but a group of individuals going through the exact same issues as you. Check out my testimonials to see my beautiful client's go from itchy red skin on their arms, legs, and/or face to clear healthy skin and a healthier lifestyle. One of the Ebooks that my program includes will teach you about what eczema is and why you can heal it naturally. The second Ebook is an outline of the types of foods that should be eliminated from your diet and which to include.


  • Weekly pre-recorded video teachings

  • Facebook posting assignments (can email me if you don’t have facebook)

  • Weekly group video chat

  • Receives The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol Diet Ebook

  • Receives Healthy Skin Happy Living Ebook

  • Support from your small group

*Eczema healing is not linear so by the end of 6 weeks your eczema may not be healed. I am here to give you the tools so that during and after the program you will know how to continue to heal it. 

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